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The jhong jheng traditional orchestra

 The jhong jheng traditional orchestra was establish in September of 2003. the aim of this group is to educate students in Chinese music just as we nurture a small seed. Currently there are 80 student in this orchestra, divided into three different groups(A B C) according to their age and level. There are four special features for this orchestra. 

1. On one side, while learning the Chinese music at an early age they can connect with the Kinmen Sr. High School and Jincheng Jr. High school Traditional orchestra. On the other side, Jhong Jheng can join with other Elementary schools to share their experience and resource. 

2. Because the music teacher for Jhong Jheng also teaches both Jincheng Jr. High School, and the Kinmen Sr. High School, there is consistency in their learning, and they can have a good foundation of skill and accomplishment in Chinese traditional music. 

3. They use professional training. Often a teacher will come to Kinmen to teach the class. However, normally, the students from Kinmen Sr. High and Jincheng Jr. High will come to help and supervise the learning of the students. This way can help correct their learning attitude, provide a better way for practice, and provide friendship 

4. The parents association supports the students, and keeps them motivated. They provide support during practice and in preparation for performances. They act as a bridge between the school and the students. 

After the orchestra was established, they performed not only in important festivals, but in October of 2004 also conducted their own music concert. In December of 2005, they joined the Taiwan Traditional Chinese Orchestra Competition semi-finals. In March, they made it to the competition finals, finishing 8th place in bamboo instruments, and placing 7th in group competition. 

This orchestra, is not only supported by the parents association and school administrations, but Jincheng Jr. High also provides the facilities and the resources to share. Combining all factors together, students can focus on learning traditional Chinese music with efficiency. This is the main force behind the Traditional Chinese Orchestra in Kinmen. We expect the Kinmen government and other people with heart to work together in harmony in helping our children learn become efficient in Chinese Traditional music, and most importantly, well represent the cultural art of Kinmen.


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