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JHONG JHENG elementary school chorus introduction

Children choral art cultivates good character and behavior and also gives wisdom on how to appreciate the beauty of music. The JHONG JHENG elementary school chorus has been established for 44 years. Since than because of the effort of past teachers(form beginning teachers YANG XIR-YUEN, LIN JIA-HUANG, WEI WEN-BIEN, LEE CHING-KE, up to recent teachers HUNG LU-PING, CHENG HWEI-WEN, LEE PIN-PIN etc…) we have experienced many years of success in the county competitions.

JHONG JHENG elementary school chorus is not only famous for their beautiful and clear voices, and have not only join the county competition or festivals they are also invite by other group to come and perform. This is the best representative of all the JHONG JHENG elementary school’s music groups.

This choral is conduct by teacher CHENG SHU-MING, and members are mainly 4 5 6 graders. Their practice time is 7:45-8:30 in the morning. The curriculum includes, vocal and tongue sounds, reading sheet music, tempo practice, language tones, and singing in key, practicing without music, facial expression, singing by turn, and singing in 2nd and 3rd parts…etc.

They practice includes sing artistic songs, countryside songs, religion songs, pop songs…etc. each year they join different concert and festival and singing song depending on the program required.

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