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        Introduction of Jhongjheng Orchestra

Among all the forms of musical groups, the orchestra always holds an irreplaceably noble position. Because of its range and delicacy, an orchestra must often draw from all aspects of the musical environment, including the general music standard, teachers' qualifications, the supply of musical instruments, financial resources, and so on. There's an unlimited number of influential factors; therefore, the quality of an orchestra often represents the general cultural level of an area.

Without sufficient resources in an area, there is always a huge difficulty in establishing of an orchestra. In the past years, it was a completely unreachable dream for Kinmen. However during 1979, Mr. Syu Mingfong, against all odds, generally organized the first string orchestra in the location which now is Kinmen Kinhu elementary school. He turned a new page in the development of Kinmen orchestra history.

Jhongjheng orchestra was set up in the eighty-fourth school year. It was an extension of the violin team, which had been organized for only a year then. Indebted to the president of the parent’s association, Mr. Syu Mingfong, also the founder of Kinhu string orchestra, generously contributed two hundred thousand dollars to purchase the instruments. So with intensive promotion from Principal Jhen Jinjhang, leadership from director Jhang Cioumu, and administrative support from Mr. Dong Shueiying, Jhongjheng string orchestra was formed. Now the string orchestra is still under Mr. Dong Haoyun’s instruction and students practice at the same time after school everyday. There are nearly fifty students in the orchestra and they are divided into four groups of violin, viola, cello, and bass viol. Since its formation, it has performed in or off the school many times: the Mother’s Day concert in the eighty-fourth school year, the concert with Yonghe city choir in the eighty-fifth school year, the County-wise folk talent demonstration as a representative for the school in the eighty-sixth school year, the school anniversary with the school choir in the eighty-seventh school year. Good comments were given. In addition, it has performed in many important events at school.

Through much training and performing, and the gaining of seniority, the skill of the players is rising year by year. Now, led by Principle Jhang Fongde, promoted by director Chen Tingfong, and restlessly supported by Mr. Dong Shueiying, the orchestra is growing steadily.

In the past four years, about sixty or seventy students have graduated from the school. They've continued in music by joining the string orchestras at Kincheng junior high school and Kinmen senior high school and have settled a firm foundation for the musical environment of this area. However, the main development of the orchestra is still going toward the string music for the availability of teachers is limited. So the school just has to make the best of it. We hope that in the future, as the teachers and the environment continue to improve, the orchestra can become more complete then the culture standard of the school can be lifted to a higher and refined artistic level.