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Administration System 
School  Introduction 
Characteristic Introduction 
CounselingInformationSpecial Education

Section Chief of Information

1. Student counseling data collect, arrange, analyze, store, transfer and provide teachers for reference

2. Responsible for student intelligence and personality test and research work for problem students

3.Preparation and arrangement for counseling meetings

4. Collect, store and provide counseling activities data

5. Keep track for graduate students

6. Handle student enrolment, registration, arrange class and ID

7. Handle student status, filing, edit and inspect student status regularly

8. Handle student drop out, temporary suspension, resumption, transfer and graduation

9. Evaluate students status on higher education, employment, attendance days, student numbers, ages, birthplace and parents occupation

10.Handle student educational level evaluate

11. Store student status and grades data

12.Investigate on non-enrollment children on the right age for school