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Introduction of Guchuei (Percussion & Wind) Folk Music

This group is a traditional music group, which is directed by the Council for Cultural Affairs and held by the National Center of Traditional Arts as a sub-plan in The Plan for the Preservation and Transmission of Folk Arts.

Thanks to the hard efforts of the school's instruction, talented people are thriving. Therefore the highest cultural division in the government requested that the school create the “Jhongjheng Guchuei Folk Music Group” in cooperation with Kinmen County Musical Association. Also, the county government and Wudao City God Temple granted financial support to purchase musical instruments. The group is led by Principle Jhang, promoted by the Students Affairs Office, and administrated by Mr. Dong Shueiying, Prof. Li Guojyun of Central University, is the director and creator of The Plan for the Preservation and Continuation of Kinmen Guchuei Music, Mr. Syu Mingfong successively invited, from various places, many traditional music teachers:  Liang Feilun, Syu Guozuo, Chen Weishih, Syue Yongchih, Sun Tingjhou, Li Wunli, Syu Yingsiou, Lin Huocai, and others. These teachers wrote and edited the curriculums, including curriculum for gongs and drums, surna, Peking opera, southern winds music, the kaochia opera, etc., and rearranged the performance forms. They then left Ms. Li Lijyuan and Ms. Huang Linyan in charge of integrative teaching and the passing on of this tradition.

The ideal of this group is not only to preserve traditional music, gather and organize it, and train new players to perform it, but they also expect to get to know more about it, prune it, absorb the best from other kind of music, and open a wider horizon for regional traditional music.

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