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JhongJheng Drum & Bugle Corps (marching band with bugle) was established in 2002. The corps was funding by the Ministry of Education under the development project of characteristic education for high education priority schools. JhongJheng Drum & Bugle Corps is also the only drum & bugle corps in the Kinmen region. Our corps has performed in many regional events and represents our school characteristic.

Performance Schedule

Leader: Jhang Fendgder Principal

Vice-Leader: Chen Tingfon Director

Manager: Hong Jianshin Section Chief

Guidance: Zhou Zhipei

Main musical instruments:

Bass drum, Tom-tom, Snare drum, Cymbals, Brass-wind (support from wind music)

Performance content:

1. 3 sets of drum style

2. Marching formation change


Drum & Bugle Performance Album

image001.jpg image003.jpg image005.jpg image007.jpg