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Characteristic Introduction 
Student ActivitiesDisciplinePhysical EducationSanitary	School Nurse

Section Chief of Discipline

1. Discipline regulations and enforce with weekly academic theme

2.  Responsible for behavior and general manners regulations

3. Traffic safety education

4. Responsible for unexpected incidents occur to students

5. Organize student traffic duty team and route team

6. Schedule traffic guard shifts table

7. Handle and manage lost and found duties

8. Assist in contact and communicate with students’ family

9. Development of student saving and public welfare

10. Assist student purchase monthly tickets

11. Hold routine competitions on environment cleanness, student attitude and manner

12. Responsible for excuses, reward and praise for students

13.Schedule student timetable

14.Responsible for student society service activities

15.Work with counseling office to observe students behavior and individual conversation

16.Other section duties and assign works