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1.The School was first established where the Jhuzih Shrine now is, and was known as the Charity School.

2.The School was founded in 1915 and entitled “County First High-grade Primary School.”In 1932, the school title was changed to “Wujiang Primary School.”

3.In 1937, Imperialism invaded Kinmen. The next year, the Private Kinmen Open School was merged in and the School was renamed “Kinmen First Public Primary School.”

4.During the Japanese colonial days, the School moved to the old Christian church, which is gone now and was reconstructed into Jiansin leather shoes shop, Hanlin bookstore, and Jinfang store, etc. Later, it was relocated to Guande Hall, which is the County Business Association now.

5.In 1942, the School was moved to its present location, which used to be the address of Private Kinmen Open School, but after Kinmen was occupied by Japan, it had been degraded to a Japanese base. The School was built through the donation of Mr. Syu Ji-sia – a native Kinmenese, living overseas at the time and the County Magistrate, Han Fu-hai, was invited to start the construction in February, 1928.

6.In 1945, the Republic of China won the War of Resistance against Japan and Kinmen was recovered. The school title was changed to “Jhupu Township Center Elementary School.”

7.In 1949, after the Guningtou Battle, four elementary schools were set up separately in each street at the East, West, South, and North gates in Houpu.

8.In 1950, with the alteration of the administration zones, the four elementary schools in the four different streets in Houpu were united with the School into the “Chengsiang Center Elementary School.”

9.In 1951, the School was combined with Peide Primary School and renamed “Kinmen Demonstration Center Elementary School.”

10.In 1952, Kinmen was restored self-governance, and the School changed its full title to “Kinmen County Demonstration Center Elementary School.”

11.In 1963, in order to be in tune with school districts rearrangement, the School was reentitled “Jincheng Township Center Elementary School.”

12.In 1976, in order to cooperate with the extension of public education to nine years, the School split off the students in the Nanmen (South Gate) Village school district to establish the Jyuguang Elementary School, and then later altered its title to “Jincheng Township Jincheng Public School.”

13.On March 21st, 1978, in memory of the magnificent contributions of former President Chiang Kai-shek toward Kinmen education, the School was renamed “Kinmen County Jhongjheng Elementary School.” All of the faculty and students felt most highly honored by the new school title.

14.In 1984, due to the old and shabby school premises, the government granted a large amount of money for complete renovation. The campus was then transformed into brand-new condition.

15.In 1986, the Jyuguang branch campus of Jincheng Elementary and Junior High School was integrated into the School.

16.In 1990, in accordance with the Public Education Enforcement Rules, the School set March 21st as the school’s anniversary.