Academic Affairs
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Administration System 
School  Introduction 
Characteristic Introduction 

Director Of Academic Affairs

1. Sketch long term academic development plans

2. Conclude annual research and development projects to cooperate with long term academic development

3. All academic assignment

4.Sketch office regulations, project and compile school calendar

5. Sketch principles of teaching and innovative project

6. End of semester reports, edit work briefing and all application reports

7. Arrange class schedule and school assignment handle methods

8.Arrange classes timetable for teachers and solve any schedule problem

9. Inspect and counsel teachers performance

10.Supervise and counsel each section leaders at Academic Affairs Office

11. Plans and supervise teaching environment arrangement

12. Inspect supplement teaching and teaching material for each subject

13.In charge or attend academic related meeting and enforce all academic resolution

14.Plan parents day and other visiting program

15. School history data collect, arrange, register and filing

16.Other office duties and assign works